European Chainsaw Standards (EN)

European Chainsaw Standards

Since 2008, all the chainsaw standards of the participating countries were inventoried and screened. In collaboration with various training centres, assessment centres, certifiers throughout Europe (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, , France, the Netherlands, Spain, and United Kingdom,) four chainsaw levels are distinguished, for which European Chainsaw Standards (ECS) were developed.

Based on the four ECS-levels, one can certify for a European Chainsaw Certificate.

The four ECC levels are:
1. Chainsaw maintenance and crosscutting
2. Basic tree felling
3. Advanced tree felling
4. Windblown and damaged trees

You can find more detailed information about the different levels and download the European Chainsaw Standards on

The video's below will give you an overview of the different ECC-exams, along with additional technical video's.


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